CHAMPLIN, Minn. - Priscilla Samey only spoke French when she moved to Minnesota 10 years ago.

"Growing up from an immigrant family, we've always been goal-orientated," said Samey, a senior at Champlin Park High School.

Priscilla's first goal: Master the English language. She studied, rose to captain of the speech team at Champlin Park. What a journey...something she wrote about as she applied to colleges.

"I opened Princeton first and I remember being like, 'Ok, get prepared for the rejection. It's just one rejection. You don't know what the others are going to say,'" said Samey.

Except Princeton said yes.

So did Harvard, Yale, Columbia, Brown, Penn, and Cornell.

The only problem, she was so busy studying she forgot about prom.

"I really just thought my friends would find it funny," said Samey.

Still wanting to go, but without a date, Priscilla took to Twitter and wrote the following: "Couldn't find a man to accept me for prom so I took a college that did. #Harvard 2021 #prom2k17"

So, that's what Priscilla did. She got dressed up, Harvard acceptance letter in hand and went to prom.

"You know, he was kind of a shy date, he stayed in the car most of the time," Samey joked.

Only that shy date and Priscilla kept getting more popular. Her tweet went viral with more than 30,000 re-tweets and 128,000 likes.

"You know, the whole point of me taking my Harvard acceptance letter was kind of like 'You don't need a date. You don't need a significant other for you to have a good time," said Samey.

A lesson in personal strength that translates to any language.