SPOKANE, Wash. – Jerry Stafford, the man who collapsed at Bloomsday and was saved by several runners with medical training, was able to meet one of the four people who helped him on Saturday.

Whitman Spencer was a firefighter who was running in the race and helped Jerry when he collapsed. On Saturday, they finally had the chance to meet.

Jerry was home after his successful surgery and surprisingly, the firefighter works in the same district Jerry and his wife, Robin, live in. So, Whitman and Jerry planned to meet up.

Whitman was among the two Providence nurses and an ER doctor who helped Jerry when he collapsed with what doctors call ‘cardiac death’ on the Bloomsday course.

Robin said Jerry was at the 3.5 mile mark when he got dizzy and collapsed.

The doctors later told Robin that Jerry had sudden cardiac death – and he is alive today all because of the two Providence nurses, the ER doctor, and Whitman who just happened to be running in the Bloomsday race and stopped to help.