Highway 2 closed near Pittsburgh and Farwell on Tuesday afternoon due to a wildfire, but the flames were quickly put out by emergency responders, neighbors and passersby.

The fire gave a homeowner in the area quite a scare, but she was happy to have neighbors and passerby stop to help put out the flames.

"I heard crackling and I didn't know what it was," said Shrene Averill, a homeowner. "Opened the door and all this smoke, I seen flames and it's like 'holy crap!'"

Averill could not believe what she was seeing when she opened her front door.

"[It] kept getting worse," she explained. "You could see the flames on the ground and I was scared they were going to come over on this side of the road and get us."

Averill lives across the road from where the brush fire started. Several spots along the highway caught fire on Tuesday, sparking a two acre brush fire. Averill called 911 after seeing a large tree across the street go up in flames.

She called her family too, to come to the house in case they needed to grab items to evacuate.

A woman driving by stopped to help.

"I said, 'we need to get some hoses' and some lady pulled over and helped us put hoses together," Averill recalled.

The group then sprayed water on the dry ground to keep the flames from spreading toward the house.

Luckily, crews arrived quickly and were able to put out the flames.

A construction crew working in the area also started spraying water onto the fire until firefighters arrived.

Averill’s family said they are thankful for everyone quick work that helped keep the fires from spreading across the road and to their home.

No word yet on what caused the fire, and Highway 2 is reopened in that area. Another fire caused the road to close again Tuesday afternoon.