SPOKANE, Wash. – Smoke is pushing back into the Palouse from Oregon. Throughout the day Tuesday, areas can expect to see an increase in smoke.

Western Montana is dealing with smoke again from a busy wildfire season there, and British Columbia is still battling a historic wildfire season.

All of this is combining to give residents a chance for smoke, no matter where you live.

Washington and Idaho have also dealt with wildfires this year. The long dry spell, days with high winds, and months of heat all contributed to the wildfire season.

Monday and Tuesday will be the hottest days of the week in the 90s.


The period of Wednesday night and Thursday will usher in the threat for lightning and high winds.

Cooler temperatures will feel nice, but lightning and winds are a bad combination for potential new fire starts and quick fire spreads.

KREM 2's Stormtracker team will continue to monitor the smoke situation and post updates!