PULLMAN, Wash --- WSU students plan another protest after the “March against White Supremacy,” because they said university administrators are not meeting their demands.

One of the organizers, Lashae Daniels, said the swastikas found in a WSU dorm is a clear example of why the university should meet their demands for a change in policy. Daniels said this protest is not a direct response to that incident though.

On Monday, organizers of the “March against White Supremacy” met with university administrators. The organizers had a list of demands for the administrators. Organizers said executive policy number 15, which prohibits discrimination or harassment, is written too vaguely and they would like it to be more specific to include all students.

Organizers also want to see more staff of color hired, the university to stop cutting classes in cultural studies, better promotion of gender inclusion and establish cultural competency training for staff and students.

Daniels said university administrators said they could try to work on some of these demands, but they’re hands are tied.

“We’re rallying because we believe that, one, they can actually do something, but they just don’t want to. And two, we need a time frame because we feel like we’re just getting the run around,” said Daniels.

Several student groups are listed in support of this week’s protest. Students will meet at 11:30 a.m. on Friday in front of the Lighty building.

The Lighty building at WSU is historically where several student protests have been located, many of which called for policy change as well.