PULLMAN, Wash.-- Students at Washington State University protested Friday, demanding changes to the school's policy.

Students started protesting outside the Lighty Building with a list of demands before moving their protest inside the building.

They said they want to see the university make a policy defining the difference between free speech and hate speech. They also want required cultural competency training for staff and freshmen.

On Monday, swastika vandalism was found at a dorm on campus. There was also a "vague bomb threat." On Thursday, there was another bomb threat made at the same dorm. Both incidents are under investigation.

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Some faculty and staff were at the protest to listen to the protesters.

"They are raising this issue, they are holding us accountable," said Phil Weiler, the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at WSU. "At the end of the day we are in agreement with them. We want to make our campus as welcoming and as inclusive as we can. And if there are things we can do better--and we know we can do better---then we need to work with folks who want that same goal."

Administrators at WSU said they plan to talk about a plan to try and meet the demands.