PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University’s Board of Regents agreed to proceed Friday with plans to allow a private developer to build a multi-use area on campus.

Regents voted to proceed with Corporate Pointe Developers. The developer’s president Duane Brelsford told KREM 2 Monday they intend to build 400-450 units that feature apartments, townhomes, retail space, and multi-use area. Total square footage is around 40,000, Brelsford said.

There will also be three 9-unit condominiums that are nearby dubbed "Alumni Village". The condos will be located in the same area as the large units, but will be privately owned and have a condominium association attached with it.

The project will be built in an area near the Residence Inn by Marriott hotel and the Palouse Ridge Golf Course.

Currently, there is a turf research program that would need to be relocated for this project to proceed. Brelsford said WSU is looking at three possible locations to move it, but he could not specify where.

Brelsford said the bus depot, which would also need to be relocated, is slated to be moved near the Maple Valley Apartments on Westwood Drive.

Pete Dickinson, the planning director for the City of Pullman said he does see a market in Pullman for what this project will provide. He also said it has distinct features being in how significant in size the project is and also the gated community aspect.

Dickinson praised the idea of the project being aimed at attracting WSU students to live there and said it can also give alumni a second home or a place to stay should they come back for football games or other events. Brelsford said the goal is to have WSU or WSU-affiliated people living in these homes.

Dickinson also noted it is not typical for WSU to work with a private developer to build on campus, but said the University was interested in a project like this.

It is worth noting, Brelsford said the new apartments and townhomes will not be a part of University housing despite being on campus. Students will have to apply for and sign a lease as if it were off-campus.

Brelsford said they hope to begin work this summer.