PULLMAN, Wash. – A Washington State University football player is recognized for going above and beyond and it has nothing to do with his accomplishments on the field.

Late Wednesday night, Pullman police were called to an apartment complex on Terre View Drive. They had gotten a report of an attempted suicide. When police arrived they found the man safe and now they are crediting a WSU football player and his friend for helping save his life.

With school out, there is not much going on in Terre View Drive neighborhood, so it's easy to notice when something isn't right. WSU freshmen defensive back Grant Porter and his friend, Allison Schomburg, noticed something very out of the ordinary as they were driving by the Flats Apartments Wednesday just before midnight.

"I see an individual tied up with some rope on a chair and his hands were behind his back," Porter said.

The man, police later find out is 24-years-old, had a strap tied around his neck, the other end tied to a basketball hoop. Porter and his friend immediately stopped to see what was going on. Porter said at first the man told him he was kidnapped, but he eventually let on he was attempting to end his life.

"I was asking him like was everything okay. It seemed like he was going through some rough stuff," Porter said.

Porter said he talked with the man and began to untie him, eventually he came down from the chair. They called the police, and Porter and Schomburg waited with him until help arrived. Something Porter did not think twice about doing.

"I'm the type of person that just wants to help everybody because if I was in a situation like that I would want someone to help me out. You have a lot to see, you have a lot to live for and it's just not worth it," Porter explained.

Pullman Police Chief Gary Jenkins said Porter and Schomburg did everything right. He praised them for helping save the person's life.

"Had they not come across him he may have well killed himself. Their intervention saved his life," Jenkins said.

Pullman Police took the man to the hospital where he was evaluated. It is unclear if the man has been released.