PULLMAN, Wash. – Washington State University students were alerted about a shooting Sunday through a text notifications. Now many students are asking why they never received a follow up notification to give them an all clear.

Pullman Police are still searching for the suspect who shot two people near WSU’s campus. Officials said a group of people were at a party when they were trying to forcefully remove someone from a car when shots were fired from the car. According to police, one victim of the shooting was released from the hospital Sunday and the 17-year-old who was shot in the arm, is still in the hospital, but expected to be released sometime Monday.

Students on campus said they took the emergency alerts they received about the shooting very seriously and were waiting for an update alert that never came. Students who are signed up for the alert system were notified of a shooting Sunday morning by a phone call, text, and email. After the initial alert students were looking for an answer if it was okay to leave the dorm safely. WSU Director of Marketing and Communications for the University Phil Weiler said they received the feedback from students.

“We didn't send out a second text alert, but we will probably do that in the future,” Weiler said.

Weiler said they updated their website and Twitter with information from police but now know an update alert by phone and text is something students are looking for.

“We take a look at what we have done right and what we could have done better. I think this is a situation where we could have done a better job at letting people know at the end,” Weiler explained.

He encourages students to sign up on WSU.edu if they have not already. He said if there is any emergency happening, go directly to their alerts website for the most updated information.