PULLMAN, Wash. – There is a new dog coming to the coffee business in Downtown Pullman.

Andrea Tubens is a disabled veteran whose best friend is an English bulldog named Venus. Tubens and Venus are inseparable. They go everywhere together and Venus is one naughty dog.

“Oh my god she’s so naughty. She got into my eyeglasses last night,” Tubens explained. “She’s my furry best friend. I do everything with that dog.”

When she decided to open a coffee shop, coming up with the name was simple and she knew she could not do it without her best friend. Then came the creation of the Naughty Dog Coffee shop.

Tubens said she goes everywhere with Venus and she wants other dog owners to be able to do that too. The coffee shop will be “pet friendly.” When she came up with the idea she immediately started researching online all the city codes to make sure it would be ok to bring pets in to a coffee shop.

“Some businesses say, ‘Oh, we’re pet friendly,’ but they don’t mark it so I don’t know about going in,” Tubens said. “I wanted to say here, absolutely you can come in with your pet.”

The coffee shop will sell treats, both human and canine friendly. Tubens said she is looking for some local bakers who specialize in homemade dog treats and still needs a baker for the human treats. Drinks will have fun names like "tea-huahua" instead of just tea and a "pug-uccino" instead of a cappuccino.

Tubens said anything that is going into her shop will be local. Many of her items will be coming in from Moscow, Idaho and her roaster is in Lewiston. She is also looking for some who can knit. She envisions selling dog themed hats and gloves because of the rough Pullman winters.

Tubens wants to the shop to be a place where people can sit down and talk about anything.

“One night a month I close off the shop for 20 people and I say, ‘Okay, let’s have a discussion,'” Tubens said. “We’ll talk about whatever someone wants to talk about. If they want to talk about racism, whether they want to talk about civil rights or handling pressure in college, whatever. Go back to the original purpose of a coffee shop which was sit together and learn.”

Tubens also hopes to hold trivia night because she is a big fan of trivia herself.

There is still plenty of work to do before the shop can open. Tubens said the building they are in is from the 1950s and needs some plumbing and electrical work but they are aiming to open by mid-September.Tubens said she is still looking for bakers for the shop to do