PULLMAN, Wash --- A “March against White Supremacy” is scheduled for WSU’s campus Saturday.

There are dozens of marches planned for this weekend across the nation. Some support the alt-right and others are against white supremacy.

This is in response to the violent protests last weekend in Charlottesville, Virginia between white supremacists and counter protesters.

The march at WSU is one of the ones against white supremacy, as you can see from the name. Organizers said they are marching to get the school to implement policies to support students of color and to let it be known, white supremacy will not be tolerated.

March organizers said it will start at Beasley Coliseum, head down Stadium Way, go through Terrell Mall and end up at the fire pit next to the Mooberry Track. Organizers said they are not leaving anything to chance, so they have a few ground rules for those who want to participate in the peaceful march.

“No vandalizing public property, no cutting through traffic, no stick signs because we're afraid people will hide weapons. And In case there is a counter protest, we don't want the marchers to engage. We have that rule because in case something happens we want the police to handle it and ask marchers if it gets out of hand to get out of there. We don't want anyone killed, we don't want anyone injured. It's not worth it,” said march organizer, Mohamed Salem.

Salem said it is meant to send a message to WSU’s President Kirk Schulz. Salem said he is dissatisfied with how Schulz has handled recent events, including the wall built by college republicans and his statements after Charlottesville.

“We want students to feel like they can be themselves and practice their culture and faith without feeling like they would be subjected to peer pressure or racism,” said Salem.

Pullman Police confirmed the route of the march will only go through campus. WSU Police said the organizers have all the proper permits to march Saturday evening. A few city and campus police officers will be on hand as a precaution.

The march begins at five p.m. and there will be several people speaking when they reach the fire pit.