PULLMAN, Wash. – Last week, the Pullman area witnessed two F-18 planes flying low overhead for training.

KREM 2 viewers reached out to ask what that had been about, and the Inter-State Aviation Inc. explained the planes were from southern California.

Doug Gadwa said they got a call from China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station in the Mojave Desert to inform them there would be a plane flying overhead last Thursday.

Gadwa said the pilot just happened to be a Washington State University Air Force ROTC graduate from about a decade ago.

“They have to fly for currency,” he explained. “Being a cougar, he probably decided to just fly to Pullman.”

Gadwa said there was another F-18 plane that flew overhead the following day, but that time the did not get any warning.

“I wish they would do it more often,” he laughed.