PULLMAN, Wash. – A 57-year-old Pullman man was rescued form a smoky apartment unit Thursday morning after a neighbor heard the smoke alarm going off and called authorities.

Pullman fire crews responded to the triplex apartment on Northwest Larry around 3:45 a.m.

Lieutenant Andrew Howell said when they arrived, they found the window to the downstairs apartment cracked and hazed over. He said they used their thermal imaging camera which showed there was a fire in the unit. As crews broke in the door, they found the male victim lying on the floor near the doorway.

Firefighters immediately began medical treatment at the scene and rushed the victim to Pullman Regional Hospital where he was treated for smoke inhalation. He was later transferred to Sacred Heart in Spokane.

Most of the fire damage was confined to a couch near the front of the unit, but there was some smoke and water damage.

Residents of the other two units were awakened by fire and police officers upon arrival and evacuated, but there was no damage to the other two apartments.

Fire and police personnel are investigating the cause of the fire.