COLFAX, Wash. -- The Wicks family lost everything in an accidental house fire on November 11.

Amber Wicks was alone in her home the night the fire started. Her husband Harley was deployed overseas and their four children were conveniently staying with family that night.

“The bedroom was completely engulfed in flames where my daughter would have been sleeping,” Amber shared while standing on the remains of her living room. “It was a blessing they weren’t here,” she said.

Once Harley got the news, he was given a two week break from deployment and was on the first plane back to Washington.

“The whole time I kept telling myself things can be replaced but they can't,” Harley said.

The fire department suspected is started in the electrical system of the house. The only thing they were able to salvage from the rubble was their son’s piggy bank.

“We just have so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. We could have been planning funerals but instead we still get to be a family,” Amber said.

They expressed how the outpour of support from the community has helped them so much already.

“Words can't describe how thankful I am to the community for being there for my family when I am deployed,” Harley said.

With nothing but the clothes on their back, the community has offered food, cash donations, gift cards, and prayers to the family.

The Wicks plan to start rebuilding their home once Harley returns from deployment in two months. They are accepting donations on a You Caring Page.