PULLMAN, Wash. – The Pullman City Council approved a resolution Tuesday reaffirming Pullman’s commitment to being a welcoming city.

The resolution initially included a statement which read “our emergency services, including police, will not act as federal immigration agents or assist in incarceration or deportation unless required by legal action.” That excerpt was deleted from the approved version.

Councilor Nathan Weller asked Chief of Police Gary Jenkins to reiterate the policy to make it clear what role police will play.

Before the resolution passed, Weller pointed out that “this was never originally a sanctuary city, it was a welcoming city. It had always been discussed that way.”

Weller went on to say “In all honesty, this is not a revolutionary thing. The only reason it has taken a front page interest is because of recent national events around the issue. That is what’s worrying international people in our community.”

Councilor Al Sorensen was the only council member who opposed the resolution. Sorensen argued the working of the resolution makes it sound like Pullman has not always been a welcoming city.