PULLMAN, Wash. — Police evacuated Stimson Hall and closed off the area near the building for hours Thursday as they investigated a bomb threat.

Around 300 students live in the building. Multiple students said it was an inconvenience but they were relived law enforcement took the threat seriously.

This is the third time a bomb threat has targeted Stimson Hall, the second time this week. Police were informed about the threat just before 2 p.m. WSU campus police and Pullman police worked together to clear the building and investigate.

"The threat itself said if anything was going to happen, would probably happen at 2 a clock this afternoon,” WSU Spokesperson Phil Weiler said. “We had every reason to believe it was probably a hoax."

Officials believe there was not a bomb in the building but they stayed on scene to make sure.

"It's a pretty staff intensive thing to go floor to floor and do a full sweep of the building,” Weiler said.

As they worked to make the building safe, investigators are not sharing many details about the actual threat.

"It was different than other threats we've had in the past. Given that that's the case it's the kind of information law enforcement wants to keep close to the vest as they continue their investigation,” Weiler said.

While a section of the campus was closed for hours, the only people who were affected were students who live in the building.

No classes were canceled as a result and investigators have not connected this incident with a prior bomb threat.