SPOKANE, Wash --- What to expect from law enforcement about the new distracted driving laws.

Under the new distracted driving law, drivers cannot have a phone in their hand behind the wheel. This means no texting, Facebooking, Snapchatting or e-mailing while you are behind the wheel, even if you are at a stop light.

Now if you want to legally do something on your phone you need to pull off the road and stop your vehicle.

If you are caught with your phone in your hand you could face a $136 fine, and a second offense within five years means a $234 fine. Washington State Patrol troopers said they do not plan on handing out tickets this soon though. They plan on educating drivers with warnings for the first six months, unless a driver is a repeat offender or is involved in a crash where distracted driving was a factor.

As far as enforcement goes this law should be easier to enforce than the old one because drivers cannot have a phone in their hand at all, said the WSP. Officers want you to know they will be keeping a close eye on what drivers are doing behind the wheel.

Authorities said they understand it can be tempting to reach for your phone while driving, but it is all about safety.