SPOKANE, Wash. — Blitz Build, the annual Habitat for Humanity event, helps create low cost homes for people who hope to own a bit of the American dream.

Kat Ford, a Habitat for Humanity Client, will soon take ownership in one of the newly built homes.

Ford’s soon to be new home is just taking shape but she already has it built in her mind. She already knows where she wants to put the Christmas tree during holiday season.

This will be the first time in 20 years she's owned her own home for the holidays.

"Owning a home is something I thought I would never do again,” Ford said. "My house is going to be number 31. My lucky number"

Ford’s home is in the Deer Park Habitat for Humanity development, one of the largest habitat developments in the country. When finished there will be a total of 114 homes.

Many of the houses in the development take shape during the annual Blitz Build. The event is an intense few weeks of building each summer and Blitz Build is celebrating 15 years in the region.

Throughout those 15 years, there were 230 homes worked on with an impact on 1,300 people. 800 of those people were kids.

Ford has her own way of remembering this event by having each volunteer who works on her home sign pavers that she will put in her yard.

Ford said she is utilizing the pavers to embrace the community that has embraced her.

"These guys who come every Thursday, look what they have done,” Ford said.

Ford said she is looking forward to being part of a neighborhood and being able to walk to church.

However, Ford said the most important part is she will have a place for her two grown daughters to celebrate holidays and a place for friends and family to gather.

“It fills your heart with joy to know there's so much good in this world,” Ford said.

That good has come to the corner of I Street and Margaret Street in Deer Park where Ford is getting her part of the American dream.