AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. – Many concerned residents in Airway Heights sent in questions to KREM 2 surrounding the water contamination. Here is what we have found so far:

Is the water safe in Medical Lake?

Medical Lake City Administrator Doug Ross said Craig Road Well, which only serves residents in the city limits, was tested four weeks ago. The results came back on Monday, showing no traces of the PFOS or PFOA chemicals in the water. Fairchild also sampled the well and got the same results

Who is paying for the water rations given out to affected Airway Heights residents?

KREM 2 spoke with Deputy Chief Nate Whannel with the Airway Heights Fire Department. He said the city has paid for 40,000 gallons of water rations up until Thursday morning.

Starting Thursday morning, Fairchild Air Force Base purchased 24,000 gallons of water. Fairchild told KREM 2 they are meeting with the city Thursday to create a plan to provide water until a long term solution is reached.

Are private wells in Airway Heights affected by the contaminants?

Officials of Fairchild Air Force Base said they have only tested water in areas south and southeast of the base’s eastern border. Officials explained, for privacy reasons, they cannot specifically say which wells in the area were contaminated. However, they have identified the contaminants in the wells they have tested so far. They added that residents with private wells in the highlighted area were already notified directly.

Does the fire department at the Spokane International Airport use the same foam as Fairchild Air Force Base?

The Spokane International Airport said the fire department does use the same foam, but confirmed they will be replacing the foam formula with one that is more environmentally friendly and does not include PFOS and PFOA chemicals.