SPOKANE, Wash.—It has been winter driving advice for many people over the years: Warm up your car before heading out.

A recent Business Insider video told a different tale. The article said it might even do more harm than good to warm up your car.

The video argued that warming up your car not only wastes gas, but also can wash oil off the cylinder walls if the car is idle for an extended period of time.

KREM 2 set out to verify the claim.

Two Spokane mechanics weighed in on the issue.

Mechanic Dan Horton with NewTech Skill Center said that the claim was not true.

Horton explained that it wasn’t a problem because of the lubricants cars use today.

Mechanic Nathan Rockstoll at Mechanics Pride said it was sort of true.

Rockstoll said he agreed with the “prolonged period of time” part of the argument.

"Obviously if you go like a half hour, idling isn't really great for your car either, so you don't want to sit there and let it run forever,” said Rockstoll.

Both mechanics agreed that warming your car up for a short period of time before work or school won’t actually harm your car.

The Business Insider Video has some truth to it, but was also misleading.