SPOKANE, Wash. -- Since the tragic killing of Freeman High School Sophomore Sam Strahan, people have banded together to honor him.

Mary Eberle, the owner of Anemone Paper Flowers, was asked to provide the flowers for his memorial service. She said she could not possibly charge the family. Instead, she asked for volunteers to help her make as many flowers for the ceremony as they could. As a result, she received an outpour of support.

Thursday, Eberle hosted volunteers at her home studio. About 100 people went by over the course of the afternoon and evening to make flowers.

People came from all over the area. They stayed as long as they could and made as many flowers as they could.

Maren Longhurst and Karen Wilson have children who attend Freeman schools, so they wanted to help.

"It's hard to know what to do when something terrible like this happens,” said Longhurst. "It'll feel good to know that I had a part in helping the family."

"It feel like it's the least I can do to help, and it's actually pretty therapeutic to feel like you're doing something,” said Wilson.

Dawn Morrow said she does not have a direct connection to Freeman schools, but she is still affected by the tragedy.

"It could be any school, it could be my grandchild's school, and I just feel very sad that this had to happen,” said Morrow.

That is what many are undoubtedly feeling, but with every petal placed just right and with every flower added to a bouquet the mood got just a little bit brighter.

By the end of the evening about 2,000 flowers were made for the memorial service.

Eberle said it was very special and she is thankful.