TEKOA, Wash.— A local group of emergency responders showed their support for the Freeman community by challenging other EMS services and fire departments to fundraise for the victims.

The Tekoa Community Ambulance will be asking people to donate to the Freeman High School victims and their families Saturday.

Tekoa Community Ambulance president, Clifford Melton, said he would like to challenge other emergency responders in the area to do the same thing.

Melton said the incident hit close to home.

“We know most of the kids that go there. Tekoa is only about 20 minutes away so we know the community,” said Melton.

Melton said for him, it hit even closer. His god daughter attends Freeman High School.

“When I heard what was happening, it was terrifying,” said Melton.

Melton told KREM 2 she was safe.

The original event scheduled for Saturday would have benefited people affected by the hurricanes, but held a meeting Thursday and decided to keep the funds local.

“We all went into meeting thinking we should do something, and this seemed to be a good way,” said Melton.

They will have both ambulances parked outside, one by the hardware store and one at the post office. They will also have crews out collecting donations.

Melton said 100 percent of the funds will go to the victims and their families.