SPOKANE, Wash.-- The Freeman community has done everything it can to fill the high school's halls with love, support and encouragement for the victims of the shooting.

Among the outpour of support was a song being sung by a local high school student to remember the life of Sam Strahan and heal wounds along the way.

Tragedy and devastation in the Freeman community inspired Central Valley High School Junior, Jenna Johansen to pour her heart into a song.

The shooting at the school left Johansen heartbroken for the family of Sam Strahan.

"I couldn't stop thinking what they must be feeling like, so I wanted to do something so I tossed along a couple songs, Amazing Grace was one of them, but it just didn't cut it and I'm like, wait what if I wrote a song?" said Johansen.

Johansen said it was led than an hour when she found the right words and notes to help a community heal.

"It just started coming, like the words just started coming to me and so I just started writing them down," she said.

She said the moment left Sam Strahan's mother in tears.

"When they had read the lyrics for the first time they, the Strahan family was absolutely, it was crazy because their comment on it was (that) it was almost like I was there in the room, in the kitchen, that day when they were sending Sam off to school," she said.

Johansen recorded her song at Mortimer Productions so it could be shared with everyone.

"I hope that it really just, it allows them to let go, but still hold onto the memory," she said. "We will remember you, I will remember you, we will all remember you, you won't be forgotten."

The song Johansen recorded on Monday will be the main track for a music video that was being put together as a gift to the family of Sam Strahan and the Freeman community.

The song will be released on after the funeral services for Strahan.

Johansen will also perform the song at Strahan's funeral.