SPOKANE, Wash. – Just one week after the shooting at Freeman High School that left sophomore Sam Strahan dead, the community is working to make his memorial a beautiful ceremony.

Mary Eberle, who owns Anemone Paper Flowers, took to Facebook to ask for volunteers to help make the flowers for the memorial service for free.

"He stood up to his friend with a gun and tried to save people lives and lost his own. How many lives did Sam save that day? We don't know,” she said. “I feel really moved that my simple act of making flowers has brought so many people to a mode of action."

The family chose purple and gold flowers for the memorial.

Eberle said it could take up to one hour to make one flower. A labor of love, she hopes plants seeds of healing and hope.

"And if you feel really moved to come and help make flowers I want to encourage you to do that because we can come together and we can all grieve a little bit together and we can all make this beautiful art of this family and for this community,” she said.

For how to help, click here to see the Facebook event for Thursday between 1 and 9 p.m. No word yet on when Strahan's memorial service will be held.

Eberle operates a kiosk at River Park Square twice a week and a website.