SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- The Freeman Store next to Freeman HS is offering free drinks, candy and slushies to students when they return to school on Monday.

Since the shooting on Wednesday, the Freeman Store has been right next door, lending a helping hand.

They changed their banner to represent the hashtag Freeman Strong. On the day of the shooting they served as a meeting place for families and students to find each other.

The support will continue Monday, when the school reopens their doors. The store will be offering free drinks, candy and slushies while supplies last to Freeman students.

“We’re just as much at the community as the school and everyone else around. It’s just what we do and we are all family, we’re tight knit,” said Freeman Store employee Melissa Ruchert.

The whole community was affected by this tragedy, and is coming back with more resilience each day. A lot of the parents KREM talked to agreed that it is about allowing students to grieve and come together, and return to a sense of normalcy.

Freeman HS will be back in session on Monday, with communities around eastern Washington and around the world rooting for them.