FREEMAN, Wash. – Staff at Freeman High School plan to return to the classroom next week after a fatal shooting left one student dead and another three injured on Wednesday.

The surviving victims were all in stable condition after the shooting, and one was released from the hospital on Friday.

“Each of us is still hurting but we are here for each other and we are providing the professional resources necessary for the hard days ahead,” said Superintendent Randy Russell to reporters on Friday afternoon before their home football game. “The Freeman family has never been stronger and the support for our community has been unbelievable.”

Russell said the staff of Freeman School District is working with a team of experts to prepare for Monday classes to resume.

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“We are encouraging our parents, if they can, to accompany their students back to Freeman on Monday and spend as much time as they would like to with their students. If they’re here all day, we’re good with that. If they need to be here with the students for just part of the day, whatever they need,” he said. “We’re now working on the details of the day, we want each student to feel safe and secure in the school and we also want the parents to be there and they know it’s a very safe school.”

Russell said they planned to have students, staff and their families walk the halls of Freeman High School on Monday morning, arm-in-arm.

“Several students and staff told me last night, you know this is our home and we want to be back in our home,” he said.

Staff are planning to have a full day schedule, but the morning will be “flexible,” Russell said.

“It’s all going to be based on relationships, connecting, and checking in on the kids,” he said.

He said they planned to have shortened class periods and a counselor in every classroom come Monday.

To listen to the whole press conference, skip ahead to 10:00 in the video below.