Spokane, Wash. – A Spokane family has been living out of a hotel for weeks after the money saved for their home construction was stolen out of their safe.

The storage unit belonging to the Lyghts family was broken into early September. It was filled with belongings and a safe with $17,000.

Rachel Lyghts said they were going to use the money to pay their contractor.

"The contractor won't finish the place until he has the money. Which we had the money for him. It was in our safe that we put in storage because we had to put all our stuff in storage and then I guess a thief broke into it, took our safe, along with some items that are sentimental to my family,” said Rachel Lyghts.

Spokane County Detectives said were able to find the man who they think did it. Court documents show Gordon Christenson spent the money on a BMW and a Harley-Davidson motorcycle.

But it still may be months after the trial until they're able to see their money again.

"We don't really have it to keep paying the gas, the food. I mean, it's been really hard on our family,” said Lyghts.

The family will now need to continue living out the hotel, until they're able to find the money to pay the contractor for the finished work.

"I want to get out of here. We want to get in our own rooms," said Lyghts.

The family now has a GoFundMe account set up, with the hopes of getting into their new home soon.