SPOKANE, Wash.—What started as a one night, one time thing meant to bring the Spokane art community together downtown, will celebrate ten years Thursday and Friday.

Terrain started when its founders saw creative young people leaving the Spokane area.

Founder Ginger Ewing said she saw young artists leave for bigger cities to find their communities.

“There’s this idea that if you want to have fun in your twenties you should do it anywhere but Spokane,” said Ewing, “We wanted to change that and bring the creative community together and show them, yes, it is here.”

Ewing said that bringing artists together at Terrain events was a way to show people who their community was.

“It was our way of saying, hey we’re that community in Spokane, and now its’s getting bigger and bigger,” said Ewing.

This year Terrain will celebrate its ten-year anniversary.

Ewing said to celebrate the milestone Terrain will do a two-day celebration instead of one.

The first night will be Thursday, October 5 and will be a ticketed event downtown. It will be a night to meet the artists, enjoy bands and buy art before the crowds come in.

The second night will be Friday, October 6. That night will be free for all and will feature over 300 pieces of art, have dozens of performers, and ten musical acts.

Ewing said the event will be a celebration of new energy and fresh ideas from all over the artistic spectrum.