BOISE - The Fort Boise Military Cemetery is one of three cemeteries maintained by the City of Boise. There hasn't been a burial in this cemetery in more than 100 years, which is why the city of Boise calls it "inactive."

But is it truly inactive?

Settled on a slope in the Boise Foothills, the cemetery is the final resting place of 247 people who passed through Fort Boise, including officers, enlisted men or family members.

Boise Parks and Recreation employee Ken Reeves maintains the two-acre parcel, making sure it appears the way it did a century ago.

"It's pretty straight away as you would have seen it in 1906," he said.

But some say the native grasses aren't the only things moving among the tombstones. Paranormal investigator Debbie Frediani says she has had some curious experiences at the old graveyard.

"We did have some strange things [happen], like something stroked my ponytail," Frediani said, recalling other stories she's heard about strange happenings on the hill.

"Reports of a child either being seen or heard, people being on the bench," she said. "Someone had told me there was a soldier, just like he was standing guard, you know, over the flag."

A few years ago, Frediani visited the cemetery with her family on an August afternoon. That's when she says she recorded a disembodied voice on a digital recorder.

"We weren't here 30 minutes when we picked up that voice," she recalled. "We were up here for the day just to enjoy the sights and I was taking pictures. I don't think I asked him anything else, just said, you know, 'if anybody is here, you know, could you tell me your name?'"

Frediani says the voice answered her with the name "Jerry."

Reeves has also heard the stories, but has not personally experienced anything out of the ordinary.

"They may have experienced some things up here that I haven't," he said. "That's about all I can say about that."

Reeves reminds everyone that the Fort Boise Military Cemetery, along with all other city-operated cemeteries, closes at sundown, and are off-limits at night.