STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. -- Three people are in jail in connection to a murder that officials said took place in October 2016.

Ashley Chappelle, Karysa Jones and Daniell Jones are all in the Stevens County jail facing first degree murder charges. Chappelle is also charged with multiple counts of identity theft and residential burglary.

Court documents said 28-year-old Shane Rapp’s body was found March 30, 2017 on the edge of someone’s property on Bonanza Hill Road. Officials said a sheet was tied to Rapp’s feet that appeared to be consistent with being drug to the location. Court documents said wooden pallets were placed over his body in an attempt to hide him.

During the course of the investigation, court documents show that detectives learned Rapp had been missing since about early October when his employer said he did not show up to a scheduled overtime shift. However, court documents said he was never reported missing. Investigators also determined his body was found not far from the home of Karysa and Daniell Jones.

Rapp’s estranged wife, Ashley Chappelle, knew Karysa from a previous job and they remained friends, according to court documents. Chappelle told detective she did not know her husband, Daniell. Court documents said Chappelle denied knowing anything about Rapp’s death. She said she last saw Rapp in September 2016.

Court documents said investigators tried to speak with the Jones’ but they already obtained a lawyer and did not wish to speak. Detectives then went and interviewed Jones’ family members who also live in the same are where Rapp’s body was found. Court documents said the detectives learned that Daniell and Karysa had told family members that the remains were those of “Shane” and Daniell caught him trying to rape Karysa and hit him with a hammer. Court documents said Rapp’s injuries to his head were consistent with the round end of a hammer.

On April 22, court documents said a search warrant was served at the Jones’ home. Officials said blood spatter was found on the walls and ceiling. Blood stains and transfer were found on furniture in the home too. It was later determined the blood was not human and was from a dog Daniell had killed in the home. Investigators said along the adjacent skid road leading from the Jones’ home to the area where Rapp’s body was found, a wallet and personal property of Rapp’s was found. Officials said additional personal property of Rapp’s was found in their home.

On September 15, detectives reviewed Rapp’s bank records they had requested. Court documents said detectives believed Chappelle was likely responsible for using Rapp’s debit card after his death. According to court documents the fraudulent activity began on October 6, 2016 and continued until December 9.

On April 19, Chappelle was interviewed again by detectives. Court documents said Chappelle knew Rapp was leaving because he wanted to grow marijuana. She said she decided to go to Rapp’s home to check the mail and found a note that said take what you want and a set of keys, according to court documents. She later admitted to going back to his home with her grandmother and removing property, court documents said. Detectives said at no time during the interview did she say that Rapp had given her permission to use his debit card. Chapelle was then arrested on October 13 for burglary and identity theft.

Then, on November 28, court documents said Chappelle sent a jail kite request form to the jail saying, “I want to talk to the detective on my case please. Without my lawyer.”

Detectives interviewed Chappelle the next day. Court documents said she had been irked by an incident she witnessed between Rapp and their daughter at his home sometime in 2016. She said she and Rapp had been living in different homes and she thought about getting a divorce but felt that would not keep him away from the kids.

Chappelle told detectives she had talked to Karysa about what happened. She said Karysa told her, “I can take care of this.” Court documents said Chappelle realized she meant to kill Rapp but she told her no. She said about a month later, she asked Karysa if she remembered her offer. Chappelle told detectives Karysa said yes and they decided to talk more at her house. Court documents said they talked about a week later.

After they had dinner, Chappelle said they discussed how to kill Rapp. Court documents said Karysa told her it was best if she was not invovled. Karysa later told her that her husband Daniell would take care of it, according to court documents. Then, she told her to let her know when she was ready, court documents said.

Chappelle said after a failed attempt to get Rapp to the Jones’ house in September, on October 7 she got Rapp to believe a ruse about a surprise gift. She told him they could go get it and then go over to her place and watch movies and have a family night. She said he got his TV, gaming station, some magazines and DVDs and put it in her car. Then, court documents said she got the kids and put them in the car. She said she did not want them to know what was happening so she gave them sleeping pills.

Chappelle said when they got to the Jones’, she and Rapp talked with them until they brought up the marijuana they were supposed to be picking up. She said Rapp asked Daniell why he didn’t have the weed on him and agreed to go inside with him to get it.

Chappelle said she and Karysa made it look like they were going toward the house but stopped once they saw the men go inside. She said Karysa told her she needed to leave but she refused. While they were talking, Chappelle said she heard a noise and saw Daniell walking toward them. Court documents said she saw blood on his right hand. Then he said to Karysa, “Make me a sandwich.”

Court documents said Chappelle had a hard time believing it all happened so quickly and argued with Karysa saying she could not leave if he was still suffering. Karysa told Chappelle that Rapp did not have a face anymore, according to court documents. Chappelle said she returned home and put the kids to bed and cried all night.

Chappelle said she later talked to Karysa about how it all happened. Court documents said Karysa told her that Daniell went to shake Rapp’s hand, pulled out a hammer and hit him over the head. According to court documents, Chappelle was concerned about the hammer being evidence and told Karysa to throw it in the river. Karysa said, “Why would we do that? It was a perfectly good hammer,” court documents said. Karysa also reassured her that his body would not be found, court documents said.

Chappelle told detectives she was bothered by having Rapp’s stuff. She said she talked to Karysa and made arrangements to give her his TV, game console, DVDs and comic books. She said when she arrived to give her the things, court documents said Daniell was there instead. Chappelle said she thanked him for saving her “kids from a lot of stuff.” He smiled and gave her a big hug. Court documents said Chappelle told him she could never repay him and he put a finger to his lips and said, “Shhhhh….”

Chappelle told detectives she believed Daniell had killed before and Karysa led her to believe there was someone else who had helped him get rid of the bodies.

Chappelle also admitted to detectives that she used Rapp’s debit card and that he had given it to her. She said she used the money to buy their daughter school uniforms to send her to a good school. She also admitted to using his cell phone and used it to transfer money out of his account. She then threw it into the river, according to court documents.

She said after Rapp’s body was found, Karysa told her that they made up a reason that would explain why Daniell killed him. Court documents said Karysa told her that they told police that Rapp had tried to rape her.

The Jones’ were arrested on December 8. Karysa, Daniell and Chappelle are each being held on a $500,000 bond.