STEVENS CO., Wash. --- A road collapsed under a woman’s car as she was driving home.

It happened on Mitchell Road near Northport, Wash. over the weekend.

“I noticed the water was running very fast next to the road,” recalled Tammy Jones. She said her neighbors had put up a few cones and caution signs where water slightly covered the road.

“Me and my friend just started to feel the car start to roll, just ever so gently,” she said. “It felt like a little mudslide roll where the car just kind of fell and rolled over.”

She said she initially panicked as her foot was caught under the dash, but was able to get out safely.

She said she had no idea how bad the road looked until she went back the next day and saw things in the daylight. She added she believes the county should have been more proactive with monitoring the area of Mitchell Road, especially since it is used as a school bus route.

Jones was wearing a cast at the time, but suffered no additional injuries from Saturday night.