Warning: Some of the photos in this story can be considered graphic.

STEVENS CO., Wash.. --- A local non-profit is helping relocate more than 40 dogs after rescuing them, along with a few cats, from a Stevens County home last week.

Two people were arrested in connection to the case, Theresa and Thomas Hostetler. They were charged with felony animal cruelty and two counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Both had posted their $5,000 bond by Wednesday afternoon.

Dogs outside the Stevens County home where 40+ animals were rescued. (Photo: Rescue4All)

“There was a dog with a life threatening injury on her neck that had gone untreated for a week and she needed medical care,” Jamie Mcattee from the non-profit that saved them said. “Every single dog out there had some kind of injury.”

Mcattee runs Rescue4All, and has been posting photos of the dogs and video of the scene on their Facebook page since the incident.

She said some dogs were urinating or defecating blood, had embedded collars and lacerations.

Mcattee said the carabiners used to tether some of the dogs outside had actually been rusted shut. She said she believes the two suspects were breeding and selling the dogs in the area and whichever animals weren’t sold just lived at their home in deplorable conditions for the rest of their days.

The dog with the neck injury survived surgery and was featured in a video during her recovery.

This dog, now known as Lucky, had to have surgery for her wounds. She survived and is doing well. (Photo: Rescue4All)

“When you're in i,t it's different. It's one of the most horrific things that you can know, there are monsters among us,” Mcattee said.

Rescue4All connected with the Humane Society to place the dogs in their care until they can find permanent homes.

Since saving the animals, they have received loads of donations from people in the community who want to help.