STEVENS CO. – Neighbors in Stevens County hope to stop plans for a marijuana farm in Nine Mile Falls. People are worried about the farm’s impact on their property value and the potential for crime.

It is quiet in the Nine Mile Falls community and that is what attracted Serena Miller to the area.

“It’s quiet and it’s beautiful at night,” Miller said.

Though, Miller believes a planned marijuana farm about two miles from her home could threaten the peace.

County records show, in March, Farmers Distributors LLC submitted a plan to build a marijuana grow operation on a property off of Whitmore Hill Road. The plan includes two greenhouses that will take up about 47,000 square-feet and a 4,800 square-foot structure surrounded by a security fence and lighting.

The planning office in the County Land Services Department is currently accepting public comments on the proposal in their office and online. Word of the project spread quickly throughout the small community and so have the concerns.

“A lot of us are worried about the effect on property values what’s going to happen with odors in the area, and not to mention I know the homeowners that are near there are really concerned about their wells running dry because of the enormous amount of water that they’ll have to use,” Miller said.

But that is not all she is worried about. Miller said she is also concerned about the facility potentially attracting criminals.

“There’s a lot of community concerns here and I know there’s a lot of people who are on the other side of the spectrum that are all for it,” Miller said.

Despite the opportunity for public comments, Miller said, what she really wants is a public meeting so county leaders can see firsthand how many neighbors are against the project and why.

“I think that the community should support it is it’s going to be here and we need more information,” Miller sad.

If you would like to submit comments, you can email County Planner Jenni Anderson at or by phone at (509)-684-2401.

The county is accepting comments until Friday, April 7th at 4:30 p.m.