KETTLE FALLS, Wash. --- The operator of Kettle Falls Marina accepted a one-year contract extension from the National Park Service.

Lake Roosevelt Vacations, Inc. has held a contract with NPS for the past 10 years, but it was scheduled to expire on April 30. The company had entered a bid with NPS to continue operating at the lake earlier this year – the only company to bid, according to Lake Roosevelt Vacations – but was not awarded the contract.

Denise Bausch, from NPS, said a panel of National Park Service staff and technical advisors only received one bid as for a concessioner at the site.

In a release, NPS officials stated, "Generally, in order to protect personal and business information, as well as to not distort the future competitive bid environment, the NPS does not release this information. In this case, since the solicitation process have been canceled and because the one offeror also publicly stated they made an offer, we are sharing this information."

Ed Wimberly, from Lake Roosevelt Vacations, Inc., said they accepted the one-year extension after public outcry over the unexpected closure.

“Oh we have tremendous support,” said Wimberly. “They didn’t give us any notice and they didn’t give the public any warning.”

The public outcry also included Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who penned a letter asking NPS to reconsider.

The contract expiration would have resulted in the closure of boat slip rentals, houseboat rentals, fuel sales and a small store at the marina.

Wimberly said they accepted the extension “kind-of reluctantly.”

“We’re still in negotiation with them,” he said. “We just put off the misery for 12 months.”

“The whole point of offering the extension was to…reduce the impact on the visitors for this coming recreation season,” explained Bausch. “It provides us with a little bit more time to determine what the new perspective should look like.”

Wimberly said Lake Roosevelt Vacations, Inc. would begin taking reservations for 2018 starting May 1.