SPRINGDALE, Wash. – The flooding in Springdale that stranded residents back in February has significantly receded as of Friday.

It is not surprising it flooded in this area because it is in the middle of a flood plain. A flood map created by the Washington State Department of Ecology that shows several portions of Springdale-Hunters Road weaves in and out of the flood plain.

“Never thought of it as flooding right here, I mean even though we have a water source around us,” homeowner Kimberly Hunt explained.

Hunt was one of the four residents stranded back in February. Water flooded the bridge that was the only way for people to get to their homes.

"The flooding didn't go over the bridge as much as last month, but the flooding has done some damage. It's taken the gravel off the road, its put ruts in the road," Hunt explained. "The last two days it hasn't really rained, so the water has gone down a lot."

Unfortunately, they are in for some more rain Saturday and Sunday. The National Weather Service expected about an inch of rain near Springdale, Hunters and Colville.

"I hope we get dry for a while to try and dry some of this out. We can't bring in any gravel or anything because it's just going to wash it away, and that's what it's been doing," said Hunt.

For now, all Hunt and her neighbors can do is wait it out.