STEVENS COUNTY, Wash. -- Investigators said a murder in Stevens County involved a hired hit from the victim's estranged wife.

Shane Rapp's body was found on the edge of a property on Bonanza Hill Road months after he went missing in October 2016.

Three people are facing first-degree murder charges in his death, including his estranged wife Ashley Chapelle.

Court documents show Karysa Jones, a woman Chapelle used to work with, was asked to kill Rapp.

Chapelle told detectives she lured Shane to Jones' home. While there, Chapelle said Jones' husband, Daniell Jones, beat Rapp with a hammer.

Stevens County Deputy Prosecuting Attorney Lech Radzimski said all three are facing charges. Chapelle and Karysa Jones are being charged as accomplices in the murder, while Daniell Jones is charged as the principal. Investigators said they believe he is the person responsible for Rapp's death.

Prosecutors said since Rapp was never reported missing and his body was not found until months after the murder, there are some challenges.

"When you have got a lapse there where people have gone several months where we are not aware of a crime happening, you end up losing a lot of evidence just by the passage of time," said Radzimski.

During a search of Jones' home, detectives found blood splattered inside. Detectives said the blood was not human, though. Instead, it was from a puppy Daniell Jones beat to death after it bit him.

Prosecutors said they are looking into different aspects of the case and there is still a lot to uncover.

All three people charged in connection with the murder are expected to appear in court for their arraignments next week.

They are in the Stevens County jail, each being held on a half a million dollar bond.