COLVILLE, Wash. – A man in Colville said his car, an inherited and treasured Corvette, was damaged during a shooting involving Stevens County deputies Wednesday morning.

Law enforcement in Colville are trying to track down Richard Hawley. He is accused of shooting at a deputy who tried to stop him. Hawley was already wanted for attempted murder in Ferry County and he is now wanted for that same charge in Stevens County. The sheriff said the deputy did fire back at Hawley but they do not know if he was hit. Some of the rounds did damage to a nearby car.

“No sooner than I had laid my head down on the pillow, I had taken my hearing aids out and I heard this ‘thump, thump, thump, thump.’ And what it reminded me of was being on one side of a sandbag and hearing rounds hit a sandbag. I think a lot of veterans can understand what that sounds like, especially if you were in the infantry,” said Colville resident Kevin Hennigan.

Hennigan had important plans Wednesday morning. He said he was supposed to be headed to the VA for help with his PTSD. In some cruel sense of irony, gunshots ringing out in the middle of the night derailed those plans.

“As soon as I heard the rounds hitting, I knew that wow, something ain't right. I got up and I walked out here and I walked out here and I had bullet holes in the back of my car exiting the back windshield of my car,” said Hennigan. “Just devastated this was my mother's car. And I've tried to take care of it. Oh, it just makes me sick.”

Hennigan said he is still trying to process all of the events that transpired. Caution tape blocked the alley behind his house and following a sleepless night, he had a morning full of law enforcement interviews and communicating with his insurance company to try to fix his treasured Corvette. As a veteran who struggles with PTSD, he understandably feels quite shaken.

“I'm wired. I'm wired. I can't sleep. I've been up since that happened. And it's been a few hours now. It just made me sick,” he said.