SPOKANE, Wash.— Halloween is the one holiday every year where most people like to be scared, whether that be at haunted houses or watching scary movies.

For many seniors, especially those who live alone, the holiday can be very intimidating.

A company called "Visiting Angels" in Spokane Valley said they hope to help make sure seniors feel at ease on the holiday.

"Halloween Helpers" will be given to seniors who are a part of, or sign up through "Visiting Angels."

Denise Johnson, owner of Visiting Angels in Spokane Valley said having a helper may be especially useful for seniors whose families cannot be there with them.

"They are going to be home alone on Halloween night, some of them have a little dementia, or Alzheimer's and this is an opportunity for us to go in and help them to feel comfortable," she said. "We can do anything that they need from buying the candy and getting their home prepared, to being there with them that night and helping them to answer the door."

For seniors who were not able to get Visiting Angels services, the company offered a few tips.

  • Remove decorations that involve flames that may be hazardous
  • Avoid decorations that block the light or the view of the front doorway
  • Make sure all floors, entry ways and porches are decoration free
  • Keep carved pumpkins outside
  • Have night lights in doorways, hallways and rooms
  • Avoid playing music outside and be aware of your surroundings.

If you would like to sign up for the Visiting Angels "Halloween Helpers" program or you would like to volunteer yourself, you can give them a call at (509) 922-1141.