SPOKANE, Wash. — Zach Banka’s GoFundMe account to rescue his dog Navi has reached and surpassed the original goal of $2,000.

He flew out to California early Sunday morning and picked up Navi from the Chula Vista Animal Care Facility.

Banka's situation arose after he gave up two of his dogs for adoption, Deku and Navi. The dogs' new owner would occasionally send Banka updates.

That is, until Banka got a call from Chula Vista Animal Care Facility. Facility workers said they found Banka’s dogs abandoned and running the streets. Deku was put to sleep prior to the facility workers reaching out to Banka because they could not find a chip on the dog.

Banka said he called the new owner and gave a very vague explanation for how the dogs got loose.

He was told he had a week to claim Navi before she would also be put down.

With the support from the public and the GoFundMe account, Banka flew out to California and rescued his dog on Sunday.

"We were glad to work with Zachary and so happy he could come down to pick up Navi," a shelter official in California said via email.