SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash --- A local man was booked into jail on Wednesday for possession of methamphetamine and several other charges, he was already the subject of an ongoing investigation into the delivery of controlled substances.

The 28-year-old was located May 7 in the parking lot of Albertson’s at Trent and Argonne in Spokane County around 2 p.m. The detective placed him in custody and during his search of the suspect he found a bag with a white crystalline substance in it. The detective tested the substance and it tested positive for methamphetamine according to the report.

The suspect was found in possession of multiple firearms and several different types of controlled substances in May when a search warrant was served for his Motel 6 room according to the police report. The suspect’s 2004 Chrysler Sebring was impounded at this time and searched several days later by the police. Detectives found an Airman Battle Uniform Camouflage backpack in the trunk according to the report. The backpack contained several items, one was a laminated card with the name Skyler Helman on it, and there were several other Airman uniform pieces in the backpack. The detectives reported finding tin foil and a rubber container that tested positive for heroin, and a prescription drug called Gralise that he did not have a prescription for. They also reportedly found containers that are commonly used to sell drugs and some unknown substances.

Reportedly the Air Force uniform was stolen from Skyler Helman’s car on May 5 in Spokane County from a car prowling incident. Helman said he will testify that he did not give the suspect permission to have his property. The serial numbers Helman gave also matched with the serial numbers of the uniform found.

The trial date has not been set. This is still an active investigation.