SPOKANE, Wash.—Youth unemployment in Spokane County remains high as overall employment trends down.

Reports said the five-year average for youth unemployment sits just under 17 percent. The overall unemployment rate is at 5.1 percent. The overall rate has been trending down since it peaked at 12.5 percent in 2010.

According to the Spokane Area Workforce Development Council, one of the key reasons youth unemployment is consistently higher is older people are taking the jobs traditionally held by younger people.

Next Generation Zone is county organization dedicated to helping young people develop skills and find jobs.

People at Next Generation Zone said employers are asking for more experience from the people they hire.

Next Generation Zone Director, Trina Clayeux, said a common mistake young people make is applying to as many jobs as possible.

“When you say, ‘I’ll do any job,’ that’s probably really not true, so we really try to help them … really understand what their interests are and how they can start funneling that into your first job,” said Clayeux.

Another tip the organization shared was young people should think about non-traditional job experiences like mowing lawns and babysitting when filling out their experiences on a resume.

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