SPOKANE, Wash. – Local bands and musical groups played along the Bloomsday course Sunday to motivate runners and walkers.

The course is lined with live performers, but the first group runners hear are the “Twenty Dollar Bills,” a punk rob band formed by the Rock Club program out of Spokane Valley.

“It’s definitely a great program for a lot of young kids. Middle school and high school kids get a chance to perform in the community a little bit,” said instructor Sean Burgett.

The Rock Club has eight bands made up of youth who live to rock out, just like 14-year-old Andrew Gibbons.

“I like playing because I was really inspired by rock bands. I listened to a lot of my dad’s CDs and then I just loved it,” said Gibbons.

Gibbons and his band mates got to share what they love with runners. With the sounds of cheers and dancing, it was evident the runners also loved what they heard.

“We just get the runners pumped up nice so they can get a lot of motivation at the start of the course. It’s a good place to set a good tone to get some energy going,” said Burgett.

"Yeah, I want to pump them up. They're going to go crazy!" said Gibbons.