SPOKANE, Wash. — So imagine this: You're sitting at home and you hear the floorboards creak. You look over and no one is there. It's something that happens to people all the time. But what if that floorboard creaking was not just the house settling but instead something supernatural.

We are talking about haunted houses. According to a Realtor.com survey, 33% of people polled said they would buy a haunted house.

Nadine and Paul Larson have lived in their North Spokane home for 30 years. But little did they know they were not alone in their nearly 100 year old house.

"Doors would slam and there would be walking upstairs and no one else is here," Nadine Larson said.

A short time after they moved in she said these weird things began happening.

"Paul's mom was here sleeping and something pulled the covers off of her," said Larson.

But it didn't really bother them. Years later they say a woman came by and said her brother Peter had died in the house back in the 20's. They believe he died of a sickness.

The Larsons believe his spirit may have been the cause of the strange happenings.

"We'd say it's okay Peter and he would calm down,” said Larson.

The Larsons spent years coexisting with Peter and they would not have it any other way.

Pam Novell, managing broker at Windermere Real Estate Manito LLC, said the potential for apparitions are not exactly deal breakers for some home buyers.

“Just because it is haunted doesn't mean that it is a bad ghost. We have good ghosts too so it could be good mojo in the house and it doesn't bother them,” Novell said.

Novell said she has heard of instances where a home buyer passed on a house because it was next to a cemetery or a house was thought to be haunted. But she said there are many factors that can impact a person’s choice when purchasing a home.

"The feeling of the house is important. I think people have different reasons for where they want to live, however there are still people who are superstitious,” Novell said.

Washington State does not require home sellers to disclose if there was death or murder in a home.