SPOKANE, Wash. -- The woman who drove drunk the wrong way on I-90 and killed a Spokane dad was sentenced in court Friday.

Carrah Goble will spend 12 years in prison for her decision to drive drunk back in October 2015.

In court Friday, family and friends of Ronald Morrison shared what these last two years have been like without him. Both his brother and wife were on the freeway that morning when he was hit by Goble.

"The question I still ask myself everyday how does someone drink and drive when the risks are too great, our lives will never be the same," said Morrison’s sister-in-law Stacy.

The courtroom was packed as Morrison’s family shared stories of his contagious laugh, smile and a heart so big he would give you the shirt off his back. The pain his family still endures every day is unimaginable.

"I am no longer Ronnie’s mom. I am the woman who lost her son in a drunk driving crash that was preventable," said Mary, Morrison’s mom.

He was a husband to his high school sweetheart. They met when they were just 15-years-old. His wife was on the freeway the day of the accident and had to watch as her husband lay unconscious on the pavement.

"I fear that anything bad can happen at any time. Who would ever believe on a Monday morning going to work, killing the only person that has ever made you feel whole,” said his wife Elisa.

Morrison’s older brother Roy was also on the freeway and witnessed the accident. He gave his own brother CPR. The day of the accident was also his 46th birthday. He said that day will never be the same.

“If I shot somebody with a gun it would be a different story, she did it with a car and it doesn't seem like a big deal, well it is," Roy said.

Goble's family also spoke in court, sharing their deepest condolences with Morrison’s family and asking for people not to judge her by this mistake.

“She made a bad choice, she made a very bad mistake, but I’ve never known Carrah to do this,” said Goble’s family friend, Carissa Gavin.

Goble herself also spoke saying she wants to spend the rest of her life advocating against impaired driving.

“I didn't just hurt one person, I permanently damaged the lives of all of you,” she said in court.

Morrison's family wanted a higher sentence and Goble's family asked for leniency. The judge said he is sorry not everyone is pleased with his decision but said he has to follow the law. Goble will also have to undergo treatment for chemical dependency.