SPOKANE, Wash. - A woman who said her pet was snatched from her front yard has been reunited with the dog.

Sara Townsend said her English bulldog, Chubbs, was only outside for a few minutes and then he was gone.

Last week, the neighbors across the street told Townsend they saw a "guy roll up, open the gate, pick the dog up, throw him in his car and took off." It happened in the Emerson Garfield neighborhood late Wednesday.

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Townsend said she located Chubbs thanks to a tip from someone who saw her Facebook post. She said she received a message from someone who spotted a man matching the description of the person who stole Chubbs from Townsend’s front yard. Townsend said Chubbs was not in great condition when she found him. She said he had a big gash on his ear , a swollen face, and that he was dehydrated and hungry. She is extremely happy to have her furry family member back.

"I don't even know how to describe it, it was such a huge a adrenaline rush, I mean just to see him in the state that he was in, with blood on him and what not," she said. "To actually be able to pick him up and for him to be so extremely happy and scared, you could tell he was scared at the same time."

Despite his injuries, Chubbs was in great spirits on Monday. Tucker said she can't thank people enough for helping her find him.

"I just want to thank everyone so much, everybody on Facebook, you guys at KREM 2 news, the huge outcry of the public was just, I'm blown away by it," she said. "I don't even know how to thank everybody but this never would've happened without your guys' help."

Tucker said the man who stole Chubbs is a complete stranger. She said she reported the theft to Crime Check and gave police the address where she found the dog, but as of Monday no arrests in the case had been made.

Until then, Tucker said she will be on alert if the man tries to come back to her neighborhood.