SPOKANE, Wash. – A woman who said construction done by the City of Spokane created a flooding problem in her driveway says the problem still hasn’t been resolved.

"I was up all night last night, I had a serious flood last night," said Jackie Aspenleiter.

Almost a week later, Aspenleiter is still dealing with flooding in her driveway. Aspenleiter said the city created the problem when they did construction on her street. Her driveway used to be flat but she said the construction elevated the sidewalk and created a downward slope into her driveway.

"I've lived here for 27, 28 years and I've never had a problem, and we had more snow I believe in 2008, 2009, so that's a terrible excuse," she explained.

She said the flooding got so bad Wednesday night, she bought a pump and got up every two hours to pump water out of her driveway. She barely got any sleep and she had to call out of work on Thursday.

"Under the circumstances, this is not acceptable that I have to miss work because I'm fearing that my house is going to flood and I was pretty upset last night and I felt like there was no one that I could call, there's nothing I could do," Aspenleiter said.

When KREM 2 reached out to the city last week, they told us they would send someone out to evaluate the problem. But by Thursday morning, she still had not heard from anyone. She called the city again and by about 10 a.m. one person from the city showed up with a shovel and took photos of the flooding. The person who showed up though was not a city engineer and could not give Aspenleiter any more information about what they planned to do.

KREM 2 called the city to get more information, while Jackie called an attorney and the city a few more times to get help. Finally, late Thursday afternoon, she said city crews offered to get her more sandbags to block the water and bring an engineer up to her home to find a permanent solution.

"They need to find a solution, they need to do it now before my house is flooded, before I lose my home," she said.

City officials have not said what that permanent solution will be yet.