SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. – A reckless driver attempted to flee and later crashed after she lost control, went off the road and struck a tree on Wednesday night.

Around 11:10 p.m. Wednesday, Spokane Valley Police Sergeant Justin Elliott observed a red Buick Rainier quickly exit a parking lot near North Pines Road and East Sprague Avenue. The vehicle turned to head north, struck a concrete divider and continued to speed.

It was later determined the vehicle was driven by 27-year-old Ashley B. Orne.

Sgt. Elliott began to follow Orne, who was weaving back and forth over the dividing lane. When Orne approached South Pines Road and East Broadway Avenue, she swerved to the left and cut off another driver.

Sgt. Elliott activated his lights and attempted to conduct a traffic stop due to Orne’s reckless driving. Instead of stopping, Orne accelerated. Police said Orne’s vehicle was traveling near 80 mph and she continued to weave.

As she approached Felts Road, Orne attempted to turn northbound, but lost control of her vehicle. The car struck the curb, traveled over the sidewalk and struck a tree. Orne then exited the vehicle screaming it was on fire, but Sgt. Elliott did not observe flames or smoke.

Orne followed directions to lay down on the ground, but she continued to stand up and move around.

Orne was then taken into custody. Police said her speech was heavily slurred and Sgt. Elliott smelled a strong odor of alcohol as he spoke with Orne.

Medics arrived to check Orne for injuries, but she told them to leave her alone and screamed that she wanted a lawyer. With treatment refused, medics cleared the scene.

Due to Orne’s apparent impairment and level of continued resistance, a search warrant to obtain a blood sample was requested. While in the backseat of the patrol car, Orne slammed her head into the backseat divider and appeared to knock herself out, causing swelling and her head to bleed.

Medics responded to the scene again and Orne was taken to a local hospital.

Orne continued to be uncooperative at the hospital and screamed at staff. The search warrant was granted and a blood sample was taken.

Orne was later cleared and transported to the Spokane County Jail where she was arrested for driving under the influence and attempting to elude a police vehicle.