SPOKANE, Wash. – The woman arrested for a hit and run crash that severed the leg of a motorcyclist remains out of custody while she awaits trial.

Leslie Hester is on felony pre-trial monitoring. Part of her release conditions is that she should not be driving.
KREM 2 got a tip that someone saw Hester driving. They did not provide a picture and we didn't see it ourselves so we cannot confirm that is the case. Hester does not have a valid driver's license and she should not have been driving in the first place when the accident happened.

The person KREM 2 spoke with reported the claim to Crime Check. From there police are notified and if they have a license plate number they can alert officers in the area to be on the lookout. If an officer does not see her driving they cannot really arrest her.

Hester is on felony pre-trial monitoring which means she is not allowed to use alcohol, she has to keep the same address so they know where to find her and she has to report to the office of pre-trial services as required. There are more conditions but those are just a few. How often someone has to check in with pre-trial services is determined on a case by case basis. Pre-trial services does not investigate violation claims that is up to the prosecutor's office and law enforcement. If someone's on monitoring, there is not really a sure fire way to prevent them from driving if they are not supposed.

If police do catch her violating the law that could increase her monitoring, her charges and maybe even land her in jail.

Hester's arraignment is scheduled for May 15.