SPOKANE, Wash. --- Police are investigating how one Spokane woman ended up with a gunshot wound to her torso. Family members said in the past, she has tried to commit suicide.

Currently, she is in the hospital with life threatening injuries.

The incident happened on Sept. 23 off of 2722 E. South Riverton Avenue in Spokane. Officers arrived within minutes of getting a call about a woman with a gunshot wound.

The woman’s boyfriend told police he was out at the club till 3 a.m. and came home to find his girlfriend standing in the kitchen naked. She accused him of cheating on her. He said they argued for a while and then walked into their bedroom.

They were sitting on the bed when he heard a loud “pop”. After that, he said he went outside and saw “Katie”.

According to court documents, officers perceived the boyfriend was indicating someone else shot his girlfriend.

When officers and the boyfriend walked outside of the apartment, the boyfriend began to talk about what happened.

He said “I’m sorry”, and told officers his girlfriend had a gun and was suicidal in the past. He said he tried to take the gun away from her and during the struggle the gun fired. He said the two of them had gotten methamphetamines about an hour before she got shot.

The boyfriend was taken to the detective’s office for more questioning.

The woman’s three adult children, said their mother had tried to commit suicide multiple times in the past.

Patrol is currently keeping the parking lot around the apartment secure.

Police are requesting authorization to get access to the woman’s cell phone. They said it is likely they will find more information about the woman’s behaviors and what happened that day.