SPOKANE, Wash. - Train your eyes upward on Thursday at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital and you may see something super.

Window washers donned their favorite super hero costumes from Batman, to Superman, to The Hulk, and everything in between. They did it not because they wanted to relive their childhood, but rather, for the kids!

Plenty of young children at the SHCH woke up to a pleasant surprise of their favorite heroes right outside their window!

"Well, we could be superheroes to someone else like our kids and family at home, you know?"

"We're just window cleaners. High-rise window cleaners here in Spokane," one of the cleaners said.

But today these window washers were chasing after a victory larger than the high-rise they were clinging to.

Eric Katzer is the owner of Westcoast Window Cleaning Inc.

"Today is very special. We get the opportunity to put a smile on some kids' faces who, I think could probably really use it," Katzer said.

And for the third year in a row, they did. Chasity Clarkson is a parent of the one of kids in the hospital.

The kids at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital woke up to find their favorite superheroes hanging around outside their window. She said you do not have to work for the hospital to help take away the pain many of them suffer every day.

"Even if you're not a doctor or a nurse, there's still a lot we could do to make life better for these kiddos," Clarkson said.

Check out the awesome photos below!